The Wonder of Statement Earrings

Today on the blog, we are going to talk about something truly life changing. This something is one of the few things that I know I couldn’t live without, something that I hold very near and dear to my heart: the statement earring.

Not to be dramatic, but I’ll keep on being dramatic. Accessories have the power to either make or break an outfit, and statement earrings are ESSENTIAL. Every time I go shopping I make a beeline straight for the earrings (because you can never have too many, right ladies?). They are the easiest and most fun way to pull an outfit together. Ever feeling dull? Like your outfit could use some revival? Statement earrings will get the job done and spice up your look with almost zero effort involved. If you don’t normally make bold choices in your everyday wear, try making a statement with earrings! I promise you, you will feel 10 times more confident and you’ll get so many compliments on them.

If you’re not a big earring girl (or even if you are, we can all use a little reminder!), read these tips on how to style your look with statement earrings:

  • If you choose a colorful or printed pair of statement earrings, pair them with a solid outfit. Black and white are great for this! The contrast will make your earrings pop and draw some attention to an otherwise plain look.
  • If your outfit is printed or just “busy,” that doesn’t mean you still can’t utilize a good statement earring! Pick a neutral pair, or pick up a color from your pattern or print to keep the outfit looking cohesive and avoid an overwhelming look.
  • Tie the earrings into your other accessories! Wearing some big pink tassel earrings? Pair with pink shoes, a pink belt, a pink clutch or purse. We love a coordinated boss babe!!!
  • Make it gold. This one is more of a personal preference, but also very on trend. Gold is timeless, and always in season and style. Gold detailing on a pair of bold statement earrings will add a level of elegance and class to your fun look.

Now, on to the best part. Here are some of my FAV statement earrings from Swagger!

Like what you see? Some of these sets are online, but most can be found in stores, so come give us a visit!

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