Maggie Awards 2019

We love going to the annual Maggy Awards! Not to mention we get to taste the best restaurants and bakeries in Cary. (Cary Mag even posted a pic of Maddie and Taina with two plates in their hands, mid bite. So, yes we really like the food!) These awards are eagerly anticipated, by the residents and business owners and we are so thankful for all the supporters!

We won: Best Gift Shop & Best New Clothing!

We have so much fun meeting new people and showing them what Swagger is all about.  I opened Swagger in 2002 with a passion for customer service, and eagerness to support the community. That continues to be our purpose. All of Swagger’s success is credited to you, our wonderful customers, and our amazing team. So, thank you for bringing some Swagger into your everyday life. ( Cary will always be my first baby!)  I am SO beyond grateful! 


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