HOT Summer Hair Accessories

Ah, hair. We all have it, and half the time...well, we all HATE it. There's nothing better than a hot new 'do to boost your confidence and complete your look, but let's be real, who even has the time??? Especially with this heat and humidity (can you say frizzzzzzz?)! Well you're in luck this summer ladies, because there are tons of hot new trends involving accessories for your hair that will keep you stylish, cool, and the best part? They all involve almost no effort. Yeah, I'm already sold, don't even know what they are yet but I'll take like 10 of each please.


Headbands are a fun way to keep your hair out of your face, whether you’re at work or at the beach! Yeah, I know, headbands have been around forever but seriously they've really stepped up their game. Hard headbands are great for adding a little extra flare to your work fit or for a date night, and soft headbands and headwraps are great for more casual events (I think these are so cute at the beach or the pool, who says you can't accessorize your swimsuit?).


Hair scarves are probably my favorite of all of these new trends. I mean it when I say I'm in LOVE. These are such a fun way to spice up any ponytail, and they're super easy! The scarf is attached to a normal hair band, so it's just like putting on an extra hair tie except way more fun. Printed hair scarves are also a great way to add a little something extra to an otherwise plain fit without putting too much thought into it. Try these with a half-up-half-down look, too!


Hair ties...but not like the hair ties you're used to. Everyone is using these spiral hair ties, and I totally get why. These ties don't leave crease lines in your hair like most hair ties do, so you can switch back and forth between an updo and letting your hair down (no need for a straightener!). And honestly, you can never have too many hair ties. Like ever.


Scrunchies. Classic 90’s staples have started resurfacing over the past couple years, and this means scrunchies are back!!!!! Scrunchies are great because they are also less harsh on your hair, and they are so freaking cute and stylish. They’re the perfect summer staple for your hair and a great way to express yourself in a small way. Wear them on your wrist as a multipurpose bracelet, and when you need to put your hair up it’s there ready to go!


Barettes, another trend that has resurfaced is the classic barrette look. Anyone else remember wearing like a billion of these in your hair to middle school or high school??? Except now, we actually know how to wear them and make them stylish! Everyone deserves a second chance, am I right? These are extremely popular in high fashion right now too, so grab yours today!


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