12 Gifts of Christmas

Christmas is less than two weeks away, and the stress of the holidays is REAL. Between kids, work, and running around like a crazy person planning and shopping for the big day, it's hard to keep track of everything. Sometimes as moms, we.....gulp....FORGET THINGS. I know, it's crazy, don't tell anyone. The world would stop turning if people found out you forgot to buy your cousins best friends' dog a Christmas present. No but seriously, we do forget things, and sometimes we need a little help getting creative with ideas! So for all the girls out there that need some extra help, here's a little list of 12 (ish) gifts and stocking stuffers! Head over and shop for your friends and family (and yourself-I talked to Santa, and he said you've been good this year).


Statement earrings. We know them, we love them, we want them always. This one is always my go-to.


Hair accessories. These are necessities!!!!


Phone accessories are always an easy but great gift! We use our phones every day, and these gadgets add utility and fashion. We have tons of printed and colorful cases, grips, pop sockets, and phone mounts!


Fun bags! Wallets and purses are two gifts I love receiving (hint hint ;) ) and we can even personalize them for you!

These Warmies are oh so cozy, and quite possibly the best slippers to have ever been invented. MICROWAVABLE SLIPPERS. I'll take them in every color please. 
These Rewined candles are a classic favorite, and make the perfect hostess gifts for all your holiday parties, or your friend who loves wine (are my hints too obvious??? ME). We cannot get enough of these.
Beanies are great gifts, providing both fashion and utility. We have so many different styles, patterns, and variations to choose from!
Cosmetics, face masks, bath bombs...we could open up a Swagger spa! These items make great stocking stuffers or gift exchange presents!
Budhagirl bracelets - they're our FAVS. These are great gifts because of their simplicity; you can wear them with anything, layer them together or with other bracelets, and they always look great!
Hope this list helped you guys a little!


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