Trend Spotlight: Rainbow

Remember when you were little and tried to pick out your own clothes, and you’d end up wearing a hodgepodge of colors all at once? Well this is your time to shine, because the rainbow trend is HERE! Yeah, that’s right, not only is it acceptable to wear 10 different colors at a time, it’s encouraged. This trend is so fun to me, it’s like “Oh I can’t decide what color to wear today. Actually, I’ll just wear them all!”. It’s so easy for us to throw on a neutral and easy fit (not shaming, I still love a good all-black look), but now since this is a trend there’s literally no excuse not to brighten up your everyday style! This trend has gained a lot of traction in high fashion this spring and summer, so we just had to bring it to Swagger! Multicolor striped pieces and rainbow accessories are a must-have for this season, and we have a ton of new items that will keep you looking bright and colorful! If you’re not feeling particularly daring or comfortable in head-to-toe rainbow, multicolor statement earrings will be your best friend. Throw them on with any solid-colored fit, they’re surprisingly easy to match! My personal favorites are the Bauble Bar inspired rainbow baguette earrings (The Life of the Party Earrings)ーthey’re absolutely stunning, combining a classic style with fun pops of color. Seriously you guys, I cannot get enough of these rainbow earrings! 


The Kandace Hoops ($20)


The Life of the Party Earrings ($24)

The Rainbow Hoops ($18)


The Color Drop Earrings ($14)



The Tropics Earrings ($24)


The Jawbreaker Earrings ($22)


The Kure Beach Earrings ($26)

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