Mustard Yellow

New York’s most recent fashion week identified mustard yellow as a 2019 color trend, and boy are we LOVING it! Yellow is probably the happiest color I can think of; I mean, sunshine, sunflowers, and smiley faces? How could those NOT make you happy. Wearing yellow always puts me in a brighter mood, and I’ve noticed that it also has the ability to brighten the moods of those around me. It’s playful and bold, commanding attention and turning heads wherever you go. It’s the perfect color for any summer ‘fit, from vacay to work attire! You may find yourself thinking “Okay, sure it’s fun, but yellow looks TERRIBLE on me!” or “I’m not tan enough to wear yellow yet, girl!”, and I totally get where you’re coming from. Yellow is a tricky color to pair with different skin tones, and it does have the ability to wash you out. But, this is why we love MUSTARD yellow. Mustard yellow has all the fun of a true yellow but is much easier to style on a almost any skin tone! And the best part is, this color is a year-long trend for 2019 ladies! So come winter, make sure to grab a few mustard yellow sweaters and cardigans to keep you warm and stylish.

Here are some of my favorite mustard yellow pieces from Swagger!
Spread Your Wings in Spicy Mustard ($34)
Close Enough in Mustard ($24)
See That Smile ($30)
The Hope Sandal ($32.90)
The Cabo Earrings in Mustard ($18)
(They look like little sunflowers一yes please!!!!)
The Gigi Snap Wallet in Mustard ($15)
Just for fun, Beyonce being iconic in Lemonade (circa 2016).
Truly ahead of her time; we knew from this moment mustard yellow would do big things one day!

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