Hanky Panky- "Lace Butter"

The time is now ladies- to go through your underwear drawer and throw out every single pair that isn't Hanky Panky!!!

They are not joking when they say that these are like "Lace Butter". This is the most comfortable underwear you will ever wear. My girls say that they are the hit of lingerie parties!

Hanky Panky garments are made from the best materials.  Components are chosen for their specific stretch qualities, softness and fit.  Also, 100% of the fabrics and trims used to make their Signature Lace styles are knitted in the USA. 

Stop  by either Swagger and get yourself a pair- you can thank me later!

If I wasn't convincing enough here is a photo of Rhianna and an article from Insight Magazine featuring Hanky Panky!

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